Training Cup 220ml


Color Blue, Purple
Material PP
Capacity 220ml / 7oz
Package Single Pack
Variety Single, Single + Insulated

The UMEE training cup facilitates an easier transition from bottle to cup feeding. This cup protects gums while teething. The flexi-handles and non-spill technology encourage your baby to feed on their own, one step at a time.

The UMEE ergonomic easy teething soft spout is designed to protect gums and palate while teething.
The cup has all the benefits of an UMEE bottle, including a non-spill valve to prevent leakage. The gentle feel of the soft spout and the flexi-handle facilitates a natural transition from the UMEE bottle and teat, to encourage babies to feed on their own, one step at a time.
The cups are made of a clear and colorful PP (Polypropylene) material that is Bisphenol A and Phthalates free, providing your baby a stylish, healthy, safe, and easy to use product.
Recommended for babies of 6 months and up.

The cup contains:

  • Easy teething soft spout
  • Non-spill valve
  • Flexi-handles
  • Hygiene cap
  • 220ml capacity cup


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