PPSU Bottle

Color: Gray, Yellow
Material : PPSU
Capacity : 160ml / 5oz, 260ml / 9oz
Package : Single Pack, Twin Pack
Variety : Single, Single + Insulated
Teat : Mother Touch teat, Soft Touch teat

UMEE’s ergonomically designed PPSU bottles are the ultimate feeding solution for your baby. UMEE bottles provide a steady flow only when baby suckles, helping you combine bottle and breast feeding. The unique air vent helps reduce colic symptoms, while the original insulator maintains the liquid’s temperature for a more natural feeding experience.
The bottle’s ergonomically shaped teats and the unique one-piece air vent provide a steady liquid flow released when the baby suckles. This gives you better control over liquid flow to facilitate combining breast and bottle feeding. The advanced teat and air vent also reduce the vacuum effect to help reduce colic symptoms.
Ergonomically designed to be easy to hold when feeding and effortless to clean, UMEE PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) bottles are Bisphenol A and Phthalates free and are made of FDA approved materials. The unparalleled transparent and colorful design, together with the flexibility of the PPSU material ensures a safe, dependable and stylish feeding experience for your baby.
Comes with stage 1 silicone teat, and one piece air vent.
Can be used with UMEE’s original transparent insulator.


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